How Real Estate Agents Can Extend the Life of Their Postcard Mailings

You have probably seen many different promotional postcards from real estate agents in your mailbox. Perhaps you’ve noticed that almost of them fall into three predicable types:

1. The “I live here, I work here, I know the neighborhood” approach, which implies a more intimate knowledge of local real estate than others have, or

2. The “Just sold 22 Main Street — OVER ASKING!” approach, which implies not only a strong market but also a slew of buyers waiting to bid up the price on your home, and

3. The “market report” approach, which offers a collection of statistics about home sales, generally and locally, and other information of interest to home sellers.

With that background, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a postcard from a mother/daughter real estate team that uses an eye-catching photograph in a recent promotional mailing.

The photograph, a single sailboat on a calm Lake Ontario framed by trees in the foreground, says much about Toronto’s Long Branch community that words alone cannot express. The photograph includes the caption “Living in Long Branch.”

(What’s that expression? A picture is worth one thousand words!)

However, the photograph could (and in my view, should) be the beginning of the dialogue that this real estate team hopes to have with residents of Long Branch (potential future home sellers) and with potential residents (potential future home buyers). The photograph is missing four words along the bottom of the postcard and those four words are “Learn more at”.

Obviously, to add these words would require the creation of a simple website — one which would give prospective buyers information about the area and one which would reinforce the unique benefits to those who already live in the community.

Imagine a website that has these 7 pages:

1. History: Long Branch’s history is long and interesting,

2. Location: Twenty minutes to downtown and 20 minutes to the airport,

3. Photo Gallery: More photos — more proof — of this unique community,

4. Public Transportation: Both TTC and GO trains are nearby,

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