Hair Tools Guide – Extend the Life of Your Hair Scissors

Even if you have purchased an excellent pair of shears like Joewell shears for instance, it can still happen that your scissors will get worn out if you do not practice the proper way of using, maintaining, handling, and storing it.

Enumerated below is a list of practical information regarding proper cleaning, secure storage, regular sharpening, careful handling, and repair and maintenance of your hair scissors.

Proper Cleaning

Clean your hair shears after every use. Using a soft dry towel or cloth, wipe the blades carefully away from the cutting edge. Remove any hair, debris, or moisture residue on the blades. Open the blades when cleaning but be careful so that you will not cut yourself.

See to it that you dry it completely after cleaning and before storing. Air-dry it naturally. Using a hair dryer is not advisable because the forced air from this appliance might cause the scissors to have an off alignment.

Secure Storage

You can store your shears in a protective casing, holster or pouch. You also keep it in its original box to maintain its top condition. It is not smart to just toss your scissors on the drawer of your cabinet together with the other hair supplied because this can affect the sharpness of the blade.

Regular Sharpening

Regular sharpening will keep your shears in top condition. However, you should know that this should only be done by a skilled technician who is equipped with efficient sharpening equipment that is specifically designed for the type of shears that you have.

If you find a scissor sharpener, do not forget to ask if he is Factory Certified, and if he has experience in sharpening shears like the one you own. You do not want to lose your really nice pair of shears just because you brought it to the wrong person.

Repair and Maintenance

Inspect your scissors regularly, especially before using it. Using a pair of shears when it is not in good condition can worsen the damage. Apply a drop of scissor oil or shear lubricant around the pivot screw to maintain the scissors’ top shape.

Careful Handling

Avoid dropping your shears. Dropping can deteriorate the quality, affect the alignment, or cause irregularities on the cutting edge. If you happen to drop your shears accidentally, see if there are any damages like nicks on the blades for example. If there are, be sure to bring to a professional to have it repaired immediately.

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