Networking Protocol

In order to be an effective networker, individuals have to tap into their interpersonal skills. A large portion of networking is creating and fostering relationships. Building networks relies partly on having knowledge, understanding and respect for others. In other words, there is a certain social protocol involved which can determine your level of networking success.

Listed below are helpful tips for navigating through your next event or encounter.

Know How to Communicate

While you are networking, be mindful of the things you say. You do not want to seem to sales oriented or to eager to take on a new client or customer. You want to communicate that you are interested in that particular person, their business or their endeavors. Also, be observant of non verbal communication cues such as body movements / gestures. Take the time to gauge the other person’s attention level, as well.

Know How to be Marketable

As you delve deeper into dialogue at events, make sure that your conversations productive. As you talk about products, services or promotions also offer relevant information. This could include price, packages, sales / specials and other logistics. Use this opportunity to pass out your business cards so that individuals can stay in contact and gain more details.

Know How to be Appropriate

Make sure to exhibit etiquette at all times. Whether it involves eating a meal, having a conversation or even following up. Be aware and pay attention in order to access different situations and then act accordingly. Being mindful of others shows a high level of professionalism.

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