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If you are a school, from elementary to university, a general rule is to show appreciation to your students through handouts. This serves a dual purpose, to keep the students and parents engaged with the institution and to spread the brand of the school to as many possible students outside of the current base as possible. What makes a good handout has to do with current trends, period. How do you find the best giveaway?

1. Be useful

A good handout will be highly useful to the person getting it. This ensures that the handout will get a lot of traction and therefore, a lot of impressions of your brand or message. There is a big difference between a promotional pen that barely works, only to get sequestered to the drawer or trash, and one that feels and writes well. One will get used until the ink runs out and the branding is maximized, the other will be a waste of money.

2. Be unique

A good university giveaway will be unique. I remember getting a screen cleaner sticker from a client. The first time I approached this magical promo item I was mystified. After learning how to stick it on the back of the phone, where their brand stayed for six months by the way, I was so enthusiastic about having been given such a unique handout. It was flat out the best impression I’ve gotten from a handout from any of the trade shows or, thinking back, to university student appreciation.

3. Be ubiquitous

A good school handout leverages something that is ubiquitous. This one is similar to something useful, where you are looking for something that everybody could need to use. This idea is to leverage something that everybody has, a screen. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or laptop, everyone you know has a screen. Find a promo handout that will most definitely apply to everyone, like a screen cleaner sticker or custom microfiber cloth. These screen cleaner promo handouts are a good idea because they will be flashed around constantly. Say you handout phone screen cleaners that stick on the backs of phones, can you estimate how many impressions the back of that phone (ie your brand) will be seen? Multiply that by every single person who uses the handout and you have what is knows as hyper branding.

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