Here’s Why User Engagement

As an online marketer, you have definitely heard it: if you want to make your brand successful, you should engage with your followers and customers.

There is a perfect formula for online marketing success:

Increase user engagement = More brand’ success

But do you know why audience engagement is crucial for your business. Because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels will give your posts/images/videos more reach if users like, share, comment and tweet your updates. But this is not the only benefit you can get from audience engagement.

How many of you are actually show willingness to engage with ecommerce stores or online brands? Will your marketing efforts be in vain or do you really get a chance to convince them to convert?

Almost 90% of people are willing to engage with an online business, out of which only 9% of users show reluctance to engagement with brands at any cost.

Believe it or not, engagement is a two-way communication, so don’t expect your target audience to do all the sharing and liking, give them something really valuable to talk about.

Here are some amazing benefits that you can avail with engagement with your audience

Get More Social Exposure

The more users are willing to engage with your posts, the more new users will see your posts. After Facebook, Instagram is the social media network that works with engagement metrics. An engaged fan base is much likely to share your updates which will give you more exposure and help your posts to spread. From marketing point view, this is what every brand wants.

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