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What is a micro switch?

A microswitch, as the name suggests, is a small-sized switch. It is very sensitive, and this sensitivity is the main factor behind its mechanism. The switch can be triggered with the slightest compression or physical change. This switch’s build is simple and works on a fundamental factor, which makes this switch simple and hence inexpensive. These switches normally have a long life and can run for about ten million cycles.

Since micro switches are sensitive and they work for a long time, which makes them reliable, they are mostly used in safety devices. Most commonly, they are used in door sensors to sense the movement of the door. For instance, it prevents a door from closing if someone or something stands as an obstacle and other similar actions.

Working of a micro switch

They work with the help of an actuator. When physical pressure is put on this actuator, it lifts the contact to its required position with a lever’s help. While this action takes place, it often creates a clicking sound. This informs us that the actuator is working.

These are mounted and fixed to a place with the help of the fixing hole in it. Since their design is simple, they don’t necessarily any kind of maintenance. They require any replacement because of their lifelong longevity.

What are the benefits of using these microswitches?

As talked about earlier, we know that the major advantage of using a micro switch is their lifelong longevity, zero maintenance, and extremely low cost. These can be easily bought in bulk. Not just that, but they are also versatile in their functioning. Some are even resistant to dust and water, which means they provide an IP67 protection rating. This allows them to function normally even when they are exposed to water and dust.

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