How to Create a Resource Box

Your resource box is the only place in your article you can actively promote yourself and what you want to offer. Therefore give some thought to what action you want your reader to take and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Purpose of the article resource box

After providing valuable information in your article, your reader’s mind will be well prepared for your offer at the end of the article. Your article is where you give free information that serves the needs of your customer. Your resource box is the only place where you are allowed to take something from them. This is a natural give and take scenario. If you have provided an excellent, value oriented article your visitor will be happy to respond to your offer.

Steps to create an effective article resource box

The resource box should only be a maximum length of 6 lines. If it is longer than that visitors may not make the effort to read it and move on.

1. Include your full name

Readers want to know who wrote the article so this is an opportunity to say who you are and why you are an authority on the subject (see resource box below). If you don’t include your name you lose the chance of branding your name to your business and missing out on the chance of building your business reputation.

2. Include your web site address

Readers will check out your web site address to see what you are offering and what business you have. Make sure you write the whole address ie This not only helps your visitors to just copy and paste the address into their browser but most article directories will automatically make this a live link. If you don’t write the complete address the link will not be live.


Use anchor text in your resource box. Most article directories allow you to include 2 web site addresses in the resource box. Display your full web site address

and also insert it in your anchor text to boost the link popularity to your web site.

3. Include your offer

The offer in your resource box should take them to your web site where you expand its promotion. Use 2-3 lines to promote your offer. Examples of different items you can include for the offer in the resource box are: free ebook, short report, e-course, or newsletter subscription.


The advantage of a newsletter subscription is that you can send multiple offers to the same person over a long period of time. People don’t often respond the first time, so offering it several times allows them to make an informed decision. The downside of a one time offer is that you only get one chance to make your pitch.

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