10 Adventure Activities Travel Tips

When it comes to adventure travel the destination should be as adventurous as the activities planned. After all most of us can sky dive, scuba dive or bungee jump at locations either local to us or relatively close by. So when you add adventurous destinations to your adventure activities you have created the ultimate adventure experience. Just remember that many of these activities are excluded from your standard travel insurance so a special adventure activities travel insurance policy may be needed to provide for necessary protections.

Here are my recommendations for some of the top adventure destinations that include adventure activities.

Scuba Diving in Myanmar

For the last half century this southeast Asian nation has been closed to outsiders. Now as it begins to open up you still have an opportunity to visit this land with its diverse cultures before the McDonalds, shopping malls and traffic choked highways arrive. The Mergui Archipelago remains relatively untouched by modern society and scuba diving here will allow you to observe pristine coral reefs and magnificent sea life in addition to the cultural wonders of Myanmar before the modern world arrives in full force.

Bungee Jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia

At 111 metres above the Zambezi River the Victoria Falls Bridge is considered one of the best bungee jumping platforms in the world. When your heart settles back into your chest, try a walking safari or jet boat up to the base of the fabulous Victoria Falls. Don’t forget to speak to your travel insurance company about the adventure activities you plan on doing while in Zambia to make sure that your adventure activities travel insurance covers you sufficiently.

Go Kite boarding in Fujian, China

While relatively new to China, the sport of Kite Boarding has been adopted by the people of Fujian in a big way. If you’re new to the sport instruction is available. Other great adventures in China include mountain trekking in Tibet’s autonomous region, although proponents of ethical tourism may wish to consider where they stand on this point.

Hot Air Ballooning in Kenya

OK so Kenya isn’t the great adventure it once was; it’s still pretty adventurous. The adrenaline levels for this trip can be bumped up a notch through a hot air balloon ride. Bump up the adrenaline even more and plan to go during the great migration in the dry season where millions of African migratory animals begin the move towards water. Check with a destination specialist to arrange for this experience. Want more adventure? Try a guided camping safari in the bush.

Surf Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii

Granted, Hawaii isn’t that adventurous but if you’re a surfer; the north shore of Oahu is all the adventure you need.

Climb Mount Everest in Nepal

Ever since it was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary, Mount Everest has been attracting adventure seekers to challenge its slopes. I shudder to think what a decent adventure activities insurance policy would cost for this trip.

Swim with Sharks in South Africa

While not that exotic a trip, your first face to face meeting with a 7 metre great white shark is bound to get your adrenaline going.

Zip line in Cebu City, Philippines

Not adventurous you say? This zip line launches from 473 feet atop the Crown Regency Hotel crossing over to an adjacent skyscraper.

Rock Climbing in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

From the novice to the advanced rock climber, Garden of the Gods in Albuquerque offers a suitable challenge for every level. Need more adventure? Colorado offers some of the finest skiing in the United States.

Scott Ryan


News Publisher – An Elegant and Effective Tool for Internet Marketing

To promote your website over internet, you strongly need tools and strategies. If your website has no visitor then you can never reap any benefit from it. So they key idea is the generation of targeted traffic to your website. For this purpose, it is strongly recommended that publish news articles to business and news directories that is stuffed with keyword in appropriate manner and hyperlinked, directing to your information page or website. Publish your news on top 100 news and business websites but, for this purpose, you have to take overhead and have to waste of lot of your time submitting your news article on each and every site.

With this handy tool, business information and press releases with a single click to top 100 business and news websites with couple of minutes. News publisher is a powerful and flexible internet marketing tool that enables you to publish your news to business and news directories in order to speed up your business. The most attracting feature of this software is that it fetches the business contacts, sales leads and massive traffic to your information page or website, what you need is just to publish news with a single click. It is a matter of fact that this software is provides the same lucrative results to both small and big online business. When you publish your news with News Publisher, it automatically generates and detects the keywords and in this way content is automatically optimized for search engines. Furthermore, when you publish your news then keywords are hyperlinked to your page or website and this bring the readers and journalists to your website giving vivid exposure to online community.

The most enchanting feature of News publisher is that when you publish your news on top 100 business and news websites, you don’t need to take the overhead of keeping each and every single record as this software does it automatically. When you publish your news manually on a news directory then you would notice that you have to enter a captcha code that is implemented to prevent bots for auto submission. This software provides you the flexibility for auto recognition of captcha codes when you publish your news to top 100 news and business websites with a single click.

To submit news to top directories, number of accounts and submission report is not limited. You can make as much as user accounts you want to publish news, press releases and business information to directories. Maintenance and creation of author information, report of news submission is not limited. Every news and business directory has its own rules and guidelines that need to strictly followed to submit news, press releases and business information on them. News publisher conform to all rules and guidelines that are required by top 100 business and news directories it means that you don’t need to take the overhead of following rules when you publish news.


How to Choose the Best Birthday Entertainment For Your Child’s Birthday Party

One surefire way to hold an unforgettable birthday party for your child is to hire professional birthday entertainment. It’s not easy keeping a group of children happy and entertained on your own. By leaving the party entertainment to professional birthday entertainers, you can focus on the logistics of the party all the while ensuring that the event is successful and enjoyable for the children.

Picking a Birthday Entertainer That is Suitable for the Age Group

A party entertainer that is perfect for 1-3 year olds is not going to be appropriate for a party of 9-12 year olds. Base the decision of what kind of birthday entertainment you hire on the age group of the children attending the party. Children between the ages of 1-3 years old need simple entertainment that is easy to digest. Children in this age group have very short attention spans so they can’t focus on long performances of any sort. The perfect party entertainment for this age group would be someone dressed in a Barney suit or other popular character to give out balloons and dance with the children.

Some people mistakenly choose clowns as birthday entertainment at parties for the 1-3 year old age group, realizing it is a big mistake once the clown scares all of the children in attendance. Many children and even some adults are scared of clowns because of their dramatic make-up and bizarre costumes. It is not a good idea to hire clowns as birthday entertainers for parties catering to very young children unless your goal is to make them cry.

Children from ages 4-8 enjoy very interactive birthday entertainment that involves plenty of movement, jokes, and activities. It is easier to hire birthday entertainers for this age group because the children are open to a variety of different entertainment styles. Magicians, jugglers and puppeteers are all appropriate birthday entertainment for this age group. Children in this age group look in awe and amazement when they see a magician performing interesting tricks. On the other hand, younger children are too little to understand what is happening while older children just want to know the secret behind the trick.

A talented juggler can make for an excellent birthday entertainer for the 4-8 year old age group because he can juggle different, colorful items in varying quantities to put on a visually appealing show. A puppeteer is also a great party entertainer for birthdays catering to this age group because he uses colorful puppets that captivate the children’s attention and tells funny jokes that give them a good laugh. Even the adult party guests can stay entertained with a puppeteer by interacting with the puppets and becoming a part of the skit.

When choosing birthday entertainment for children in the 9-12 year old age group, different rules apply. Children of this age try very hard to be “cool” and think that entertainers like puppeteers, jugglers, and magicians are plain corny. In order to appeal to children of this age group, it’s essential to hire birthday entertainers that are in with the latest trends. DJs that are in tune with pop music that children of this age enjoy are a great choice as birthday entertainment. Choose a DJ who has experience interacting with children and knows how to serve simultaneously as an emcee for the party.

In conclusion, choose a birthday entertainer based on the age of your child and his/her friends to find someone who is appropriate. If you take these points into consideration, you’re bound to find a party entertainer who will make your child’s next birthday party memorable and enjoyable for everyone in attendance.


14 Steps to Ensuring the Correct Fit of Your Toddler Girls Shoes

With kids currently settled in numerous circles as a definitive design frill it is fundamental to guarantee your youngster is first rate and dressed in the event that you are to keep up the right picture to your companions and friends. For sure, the brands you decide for your kid are frequently seen as giving a more significant knowledge into your goals than any brand you may decide to wear for yourself. With numerous stores offering an all in one resource for your kid, how would you realize that what you are purchasing is appropriate for your kid? With kids’ attire, should you end up with some unacceptable size or an undesirable style it is frequently a matter of trading garments for a full discount or blessing voucher. Be that as it may, when purchasing baby young lady shoes getting the style and size of shoe right first time is fundamental as full discounts are regularly unrealistic if the shoes are worn outside. Moreover, getting your kid to plunk down and take a stab at one more pair of shoes is an encounter most guardians would like to limit!

As a mum and expert footwear technologist, I needed to offer other occupied mums a knowledge into how best to fit shoes. This will give you the edge so you can guarantee that the business collaborator has fitted your kid effectively. On the other hand it will permit you to check the attack of your on-line acquisition of little child shoes and be sure that you have settled on a savvy decision.

So here goes. Adhere to the accompanying 14 stages while picking your youngsters’ shoes and you will a long ways in front of the group:

Get your kid to take a stab at the shoes towards the day’s end, when their feet are hot and marginally swollen from the bustling day they’ve had. Guarantee they’re wearing the right socks or leggings for the footwear.

Put the shoes on and attach them. Little children feet are frequently very full and tubby, so ensure that the front of the shoe (especially if it’s a Mary Jane) doesn’t cut into the highest point of the foot.

Guarantee the attaching has a lot of change for development as well.

Check the shoe is secure before you get your little girl to walk. In the event that they’re enormous on her, she may fall over!

Get the kid to stroll in the shoes starting with one finish of the room then onto the next. As she leaves you, check the foot isn’t ‘sneaking’ out at the back. In the event that it will be, it is possible that the shoe essentially needs the change fixing. In the event that that appears to be alright, it’s a sign that the shoe is too huge and in this way improper.

While she is strolling towards you, check she’s strolling straight and easily.

At that point get your kid to remain before you, feet hip width separated.

Check where the enormous toe is situated. There ought to be a thumb width of developing room between the finish of the large toe (or longest toe) and end of the shoe. Much else or less isn’t right.

Check the sides of the foot around the little toe, you shouldn’t have the option to feel them pushing the shoe out.

Watch that the lower leg bone is either totally covered (like in a boot) or totally uncovered (like in many shoes and shoes). You don’t need the shoe to cut into the lower leg bone.

Check the highest point of the foot. In the event that the shoe is a Mary Jane or T-Bar you ought to have the option to ‘lift’ the shoe with your fingers from the foot.

Smooth over the highest point of the shoe, again you ought to have the option to lift overabundance texture or calfskin.

At long last get you girl to plunk down and delicately pull the shoe at the rear of the lower leg. The shoe ought not move or ‘slip’ by any means.

Just to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that your choice is proper, I would get your girl to wear the shoes for a decent 5 minutes around the house or shop. After this, take her shoes and socks off. It is a truly smart thought to check her exposed feet to guarantee there are no red imprints.

On the off chance that you follow the entirety of the above advances, you should find that your baby young ladies shoes are fine. All you require then stress over is the thing that you’ll wear to look and feel as great as she does!


BeautiFeel Shoes: Stylish Kicks That Feel Great Too

Find out if, in the event that she had the decision, she’d preferably wear six inch impact points and endure the entire day, or go shoeless, and she’s probably going to react that she’d in every case rather be shoeless. Obviously, going shoeless around the store and the workplace would be extraordinary, yet unfortunately for our feet, it’s not socially adequate to do as such. Henceforth, ladies pack their feet into awkward shoes all day every day.

Magnificence is torment, or so goes the idiom – yet imagine a scenario in which there were an approach to wear wonderful shoes without managing rankles and squeezed toes and the opposite results of awkward shoes. Enter BeautiFeel shoes, a line of ladies’ footwear that accepts that looking great doesn’t mean you ought to need to forfeit solace. BeautiFeel shoes include delicate cowhide uppers and brag calfskin lined, padded footbeds, just as latex elastic outsoles that offer astounding stun ingestion.

Searching for a couple of crazy, in vogue and, the vast majority of every, agreeable flat? Look no farther than BeautiFeel’s Ivana pads, which are lovable gold pads with a dark sparkling cap toe. There’s no motivation to agree to less when you merit an incredible shoe with bunches of solace. Get exemplary styling and all-characteristic, agreeable materials, because of latex elastic bottoms and delicate cushioned footbeds.

Get the entire day comfort in these pads, which offer full impact point to toe protected froth footbeds that are anatomically shaped to help settle the curve while diminishing stun. The padding material in these shoes offers full memory properties, guaranteeing that they’ll never straighten or lose uphold. The uppers are developed of excellent calfskin cowhides, which aren’t simply delicate and a la mode, yet in addition sturdy. Got issues with foot scent? Try not to stress over it with these shoes! The dampness is effectively mischievous out of all BeautiFeel shoes, as all models are completely cowhide lined and have dampness diminishing properties. The all common material that these pads are developed from is adaptable and solid, so these are extraordinary shoes to put on when you will do a ton of strolling.

Need another pair of shoes? You will adore BeautiFeel’s Maggiore shoes for ladies. Shoes frequently get an awful rep, particularly from muscular specialists, who guarantee that they’re unsupportive and henceforth, horrendous for your feet. Notwithstanding, BeautiFeel’s shoes take that terrible standing and turn it around, gratitude to their excellent, every single regular material and quality development. These extraordinary, sharp shoes include a 1 inch impact point to give you a touch of additional stature, and delicate nubuck uppers, in addition to padded, cowhide lined footbeds. 100% latex elastic outsoles give stun ingestion and adaptability, while the twofold Velcro ties guarantee the ideal fit, so you don’t need to stress over the shoes sneaking off while you stroll around. These shoes are made in Israel, where quality is critical, and the delicate calfskin implies they’re a la mode as well as inconceivably agreeable.

In case you’re on the chase for another pair of work shoes, BeautiFeel Ivana pads in dark are the ideal choice. An extraordinary mix of smooth, sharp and cheeky, these lovely shoes have latex elastic bottoms and delicate cushioned footbeds that you can appreciate throughout the day. Solace is key grinding away, where you’re on your feet for a long time, and these shoes make such an action appear to be a snap. Get throughout the day comfort in these pads, which offer full impact point to toe protected froth footbeds that are anatomically formed to help balance out the curve while lessening stun.

The padding material in these shoes offers full memory properties, guaranteeing that they’ll never level or lose uphold. BeautiFeel shoes are known for their all-normal development, which makes them adaptable and tough for the entire day use, and most awesome aspect every one of, these shoes hold their padding properties better than numerous different shoes – so you can be certain that your shoes will keep going quite a while. Who needs to purchase new shoes constantly? You will not have any desire to once you get this pair, which will immediately turn into a top pick.

Searching for a couple of booties that are really wearable? Disregard the six inch heels and tangle yourself a couple of BeautiFeel’s Emerald booties. These lovely softened cowhide and calfskin booties are without a moment’s delay sharp and enthusiastic about solace. With latex elastic soles and delicate cushioned insides, these shoes may have a heel, yet it’s a walkable heel and an agreeable shoe. The characteristic latex inside the shoe goes about as a safeguard and gives the shoe adaptability and strength, while the calfskin covered heel offers against slip innovation for a steady strolling step. An uncommon licensed froth insole gives extra stun assimilation, while a fitted upper makes a characteristic situation for your foot inside the shoe.


Top Gadgets For Windows 7

It is always nice to have useful and attractive gadgets on your desktop. Windows is undoubtedly the most successful operating system that invaded the hearts of many people recently. The gadgets of this new version are designed to offer a “cool” outlook to the Windows 7. The Windows 7 offers the unique opportunity to load your desktop with useful gadgets with higher degree of customization. You can select the desired ones from a great pool of advanced gadgets especially made for Windows 7.

The “clipboard manager” is an advanced version of the one that was used in the Vista. Despite of the limited functionality of the older one, this gadget is rich with features and looks slick. You can customize this gadget so that you can even keep a photo as the background. The features like “App launcher” and “Magic folder” are quite useful. The App launcher works the same as the Quick launch toolbar of the older versions. This gadget can be placed anywhere in the desktop.

Although the icon of the” Magical folder” lacks a professional touch, it functions very effectively. If you are one among the many people who doesn’t get enough time to place the files on desktop to the real locations, this one might be for you. The magic folder works just like a godsend as it drags the files to the folder and separate it according to the file extensions.

Then the files are sent to the right folder. A screening of the available functions will be of great help to select the right one.

There are many other gadgets fort the Windows 7 and the list includes notepad, pidgin, world cup, lyrics, eve online, internet speed, reminder with MP3 support, iTunes gadget and many others. If you work with colors, you can definitely choose the “color picker” gadget for the Windows 7 gadgets download. It enables you to work with multiple applications and includes online color palette search option. Selecting the most advanced and useful gadget is necessary for the super cool look of your desktop along with functionality.


Why Not Outlet Pricing for Travelers?

The proliferation of ‘factory outlets’ or ‘manufacturer-direct’ prices has become common place, but are we getting true ‘outlet or direct’ prices?

The middleman, agent or even retailer is suffering in our modern internet-based environment and big-box stores which appear to offer rock-bottom prices but still make enormous profits are commonplace.

The world of agents from insurance to travel to financial are feeling the crunch as they are rapidly being considered as expensive cost overheads by the producer, provider or manufacturer.

The airlines started the demise of the travel agency system when they started eliminating agent commissions and over-rides and turned to online booking systems aimed directly at the consumer, forcing some retail agencies to charge additional booking fees. Now you can find airline reservation sites charging fees for online seat selection plus anything else that they can get away with. Are the savings they are making being passed on to the consumer?

Insurance companies began advertising for direct dealings as did banks with their development of in-house financial planners (not at all independent, but merely another name for a bank products salesperson). Are they keeping the old commission for themselves or do they pass on the savings to the consumer?

Let’s focus on one of the consumers’ largest expenditures over a lifetime – recreational travel, business travel, vacations and trips and the Retail Travel Agent or Agency:

1.These were really needed before the consumer could access websites from B&B’s to Hotels,
Luxury Lodges and Tour Operators or if you wanted to pick up an expensive glossy brochure.
2.These were really needed before travel providers and tour operators enabled the consumer to
book directly with them on the internet with reservation systems and booking requirements that required little training or expertise.
3.These were really needed before airlines promoted their own booking services and became more greedy for any extra percentage or fee and wanted to be rid of travel agents as expensive and redundant overheads.

Now, these agents are only really needed if travelers want knowledge, experience and expertise of specific destinations, activities or tour companies, or of course, those travelers still not using the web.

Let’s not feel too sorry for retail agents as top-notch travel consultants are essential to travelers who have complex itineraries or who are venturing to the lesser know areas of the world. All is not dark for travel agents with knowledge, experience and expertise as consumers who need these professionals now have access to them with the web wherever they may be located and no longer need to use local agents unless they have the requisite skills. But, they still have to be found as they may not be in your local area or even in your own country.

There are various forms and levels of travel middlemen – Inbound Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Retail Agencies, all of which earn a percentage from the original travel provider for their advertising, promotion and sales efforts, these percentages can be anywhere from 10% to 25% or even more! When you see a travel advertisement offering $200 off per person and you book through a retail agent, you are still paying the commission, so by booking directly with the operator you should get the special offer and also save the commission.

Some travel operators already offer their products directly to the consumer but at the same prices as the consumer would get from a retail agent. Fair enough if these providers do not use middlemen but if they also sell through retailers their prices should be ‘net of commissions’ for direct bookers and ‘retail’ for agency sales.

When the consumer goes directly to the travel provider these middlemen percentages should not apply but the provider is sometimes in a predicament. To show a net price and retail price on their website could deter the middlemen from handling their products. Until now.

Travel providers are now able to offer net prices directly to consumers by using the TopTravelVoucher services at This website is in effect operating as a travel agent who does not sell travel on behalf of travel operators, but generates travelers who go directly to the providers for information and bookings. As the website does not need bricks and mortar offices, expensive glossy brochures, familiarization trips and computer reservation systems plus all the other paraphernalia of operating a travel agency, it is able to rebate sales commissions to travelers as a reward for handling their own arrangements directly with the travel operators.

This innovative consumer travel service offers travel discounts in over 70 countries to travelers who purchase their deeply discounted TopTravelVouchers. They offer their services to the global travel trade community and to the global traveler. They do not charge the travel trade for any promotion services and allow multiple listings for any kind of travel product as long as the consumer gets net pricing.

The consumer does not have to buy before seeing the travel offer and can also buy the vouchers to be used as gift certificates. All vouchers come with a 100% money back guarantee and even if the traveler is unhappy after completion of travel the monies for the vouchers are still 100% refundable.

At present you can get TopTravelVouchers for Escorted Tours, Eco Tours, Adventure Tours, Small Boat Cruises, Lodges, Resorts, Hotels, B&B’s and new products are arriving on a daily basis.

Some tours offer a flat percentage off of the retail price while other vouchers have a fixed value. One voucher for a Greek Cruise has a value of 1,500euros and can be purchased for only $100usd and there are many escorted tours around the world offering a 10% discount on the tour price, which can be significant depending on length of tour and number of travelers. If you have a family or group of travelers you can often buy a voucher for each person (there is a particular 7 day Thai River Rovers cruise that appeals to me if I can find a few friends to join the charter).

So now, no matter where you live or where you want to go, you can book discounted travel from your home, cyber-cafe or laptop anywhere in the world. You could be in the offices of a tour operator and go online and get a voucher and then hand it over to get instant savings. Not bad eh?

This website and concept is a first for the internet and with the support of the global travel trade from the smallest of travel operators to the giants, it can only grow larger with expanded product selections and savings as this aspect of internet travel is on a seemingly endless growth path.

Travelers who go directly to travel websites must do their own due diligence, talk free with skype, 800 number, or email with the operators, read testimonials, check the latest pricing and last minute deals, make a booking and check for deeply discounted TopTravelVouchers in order to get fairer fare prices. If your tour operator does not offer a ‘net of commissions’ tour price when you do your own bookings, ask for it or suggest they start to offer these vouchers and you will start saving on your travel.


What to Pack for Travelling

This is what I consider to be essential items for any traveler/backpacker. These are items which I have used in my past travels, and have served me well.


The first most obvious thing for any traveler to decide on is whether to use a backpack or a suitcase. During my first solo travel experience to Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan, I travelled with a backpack. For under 50 I bought a Eurohike 55 litre backpack with a rain cover, which came in handy during the monsoon season! The pack was top-opening, and didn’t really offer much by way of security. I therefore bought a special backpack transit case which I put my backpack into and made it secure from theft, but also made it secure from airport conveyor belts. I had heard that the conveyors in airports sometimes broke clips from backpacks if they were not properly secured, and that some airlines didn’t even want to have backpacks on their airplanes because they were a safety threat. I actually lost the backpack case during the course of my travels, and had to resort to wrapping my backpack in black bin bags and tape in order to prevent the clips from catching airport conveyors. The backpack was comfortable, with some very nice cushioned padding. However, I realized as my trip went on that the pack was a little too large. I had read on many different websites that the smaller and lighter your pack, the more comfortable your trip will be. This is so true. It is not just about how light the pack is for you to carry, but also practical reasons like travelling on packed trains and subways with a giant wardrobe on your back. The backpack was incredibly annoying whilst travelling on busy subways, as I didn’t know if, and how badly, I was bumping into people – but I am sure that I definitely was! However, it was great to have my hands free when I needed to pay for tickets and also carry bags and water bottles.


On my second trip to Japan, I decided to ditch the backpack and travel with a medium sized suitcase. I was travelling for 3 weeks, and had planned to move around the country quite a bit. I was worried about the condition of the suitcase’s wheels by the end of the trip, but altogether I preferred the comfort of a nice suitcase. The suitcase takes up the use of your arms, but it does relieve your back. I found time and again that my backpack was becoming too heavy and cumbersome for longer walks; a suitcase, meanwhile, makes walking a pleasure. Trying to find your hotel in the humid and busy conditions of Bangkok with your gigantic backpack is not a pleasant experience. Though, going up stairs is a pain with a suitcase, but with a backpack it is a breeze. This may be important to you as it is best to travel around a Japanese city (and many other Asian cities) via the subway system, and sometimes they have enormous staircases leading to the platforms. The final clincher is that a suitcase makes you look more businesslike and professional; a backpack makes you easily identifiable as a traveler or tourist, and makes you stand out far more. If I entered a nice hotel with my backpack, I wouldn’t be given the same service as if I travelled with a suitcase. I believe that backpackers have a bit of a bad name in some countries, as backpackers tend to be younger people who are more prone to loutish behavior due to letting of some steam after finishing university.


You don’t want to take your suitcase or backpack with you on your daily walks or excursions, so you need a nice convenient daypack. I actually took a shoulder bag, as it looked more stylish than a small backpack. But be warned, a shoulder bag can give you some irritating neck and shoulder pains if you over pack it with large water bottles or souvenirs. In this instance, a nice mini backpack is better as it transfers the weight evenly on your back and shoulders.

Travel Insurance

I always take out travel insurance as you never know what could happen during your trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Medical help abroad could cost you thousands if you do not have the correct insurance, so always read the insurance policy properly. When I search for insurance I always turn to comparison sites, such as This way you can compare all the different companies offering insurance and their relative policies.


Skype is a free service which allows you to call anyone in the world (who also has a Skype account) for free. The service is completely free when using the Skype-to-Skype service, and the prices are competitive if you want to call mobile phones or landlines. You can use Skype on your iPod Touch, an actual Skype phone or on your laptop. If you are taking a laptop abroad, you can even use your webcam to make video calls, but if you are not taking a laptop, I found that many internet cafes in Asia had Skype already installed on their computers. Skype also allows you to send instant messages, play games and even transfer files. All in all, Skype is a great device which you should be make use of whilst travelling.

First Aid Box

I like to take a mini first aid box when I travel. The boxes come in some very nice convenient sizes with everything you could need for your trip. Items can include: plasters, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, and various tablets for common travel sicknesses.


I will not speak at great lengths on clothing, as I believe this is a personal choice and dependent on different people’s needs. However, I will say that you should always pack light, and think about whether you will ACTUALLY need an item of clothing. Sometimes, I have fallen into the trap of packing far too much clothing ‘just in case’. Whilst travelling in Asia you can always pick up cheap clothing, so there is no need to over pack. The minimum I would take for a month travelling is: 3-4 t-shirts, 2 shirts, trousers, two shorts, swimming shorts, 2 pairs of socks, trainers/sneakers (I would buy some that look formal but are as comfortable as trainers).

Travel Washing Line

I take a small washing line on my trips in case there is not enough places to dry my clothes. If you are packing light, you can just wash your clothes more often, and you will sometimes need a washing line for extra space.


How to Pick Video Games Both Parents and Their Kids Will Love

To hear parents tell it, the perfect video game is educational, provides small life lessons, strengthens hand eye coordination, and keeps the kids entertained for roughly 30 minutes at a time. Listening to kids, however, it appears that educational qualities rank far below the needs for speed, action, rad moves, and great weapons. It is hard to believe that there are games which fulfill the requirements hoped for by both parents and kids.

Parents should always make the time to play the games alongside their kids; the only problem with using this approach to picking video games is the fact that the game is already in the house and the money spent. Opened games are rarely returnable and once they are in the house and their hot little hands, kids will not let go of games without a lot of arguing, complaining, and upset. Thus, making an informed decision prior to bringing the games home is a must!

So how does a parent go about picking out a video game for the children to play? Reading the back of the cover is unlikely to present a lot of information whereas the buzz on the Internet can be so forbiddingly filled with insider lingo that it is hard to discern if the game is appropriate, too violent, or perhaps even contains content that is objectionable.

At the same time, simply because a game is very popular and the evening news shows long lines of consumers waiting outside the stores for them to go on sale, does not mean that it offers the kind of game play the parent wants to invite into the home. Fortunately, there are five simple steps to picking video games both parents and their kids will love. These steps are not complicated, require a minimum of effort, and are rather reliable.

1. Check the ESRB Rating

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) developed a rating system that ranks game content according to age appropriateness. The ratings are “EC,” “E,” “E 10+,” “T,” “M,” “AO,” and “RP.”

Games designated with an “EC” are educational and fun for preschoolers and young grade-schoolers. An “E” notes that the games are appropriate for all players, and while preschoolers might have more of a learning curve to get the game-play right, there is no objectionable content. Look out for games rated with an “E 10+” since these games are reserved for kids older than 10. Some mild language is usually incorporated into the game.

A game rated “T” is reserved for teens, and parents should know that violence, sexual innuendo, partial nudity, and also curse words are par for the course. “M” for mature indicates games for those over the age of 17 and the blood, guts, gore, and sex are legendary in these games. Upping the ante are games marked “AO” or adults only, as they are “M” squared. An “RP” rating simply means that a rating is pending, and parents should hold off on buying the game until the rating has been apportioned.

2. Read the ESRB Content Descriptors

Since preschoolers and grade-schoolers cannot simply be pigeonholed into age brackets, but should be much further differentiated by their maturity levels, parents will be wise to read the ESRB content descriptions on the backs of the video game packets. They list potentially objectionable content.

For example, “animated blood” refers to purple, green, or other kinds of unrealistic blood that may be shown during game play, while a listing of “blood” is an indicator that realistically depicted blood is part of the game play. Children highly sensitive to blood may not enjoy playing these games, even if they are rated for their age brackets.

3. Understand the Classifications When Shopping For Older Kids

Parents who have braved the age appropriate ratings, and also made it through reading the descriptions may now be stumped by a further classification: the kind of game-play their kids may expect.

Older kids may like “FPS” (First Person Shooter) games that put them into the action from a first person perspective, rather than seeing the character they are controlling doing the actions — which is the case in “TPS” (Third Person Shooter) games. In addition, some games are classified by the kinds of content that provides the storyline, such as vehicle simulation games, strategy games, or sports and puzzle games.

Shooter games are the most violent while strategy games are perhaps the most educational. Puzzle games require strategic thinking but do not offer a lot of action moves that appeal to teens.

4. Visit the Game Platform Manufacturer Website

Parents may visit the website for the gadget that will ultimately allow the kids to play the video games. This may be the website for PlayStation, GameCube, Nintendo, Xbox, and a host of sub-platforms. The companies list the video games made for them, their ratings, and more often than not also post trailers, screen shots, and brief outlines of the actual game itself.

Although such a website does not offer an in depth and unbiased analysis of the game, it is a rather useful tool for getting a good feel about game play and content without having to rely solely on a rating, the back of a package, or the marketing efforts.

5. Check with Organizations That Offer Independent Game Evaluations

There are various organizations that are not tied in with the video game industry and still offer advice to parents. Some groups focus on the educational aspects while others are faith based and review the games from this angle. Find a group that meets your personal criteria and peruse the reviews on various games you are considering for your kids.

One of the most well known groups is the Entertainment Consumers Association that offers insight into the industry as well as the games. Parents who want more detailed information about the games they are considering will do well to visit the forums and websites of such groups and learn from other parents whose kids might already be playing these games.

Since these are interactive forums, parents have the unique ability to actually ask questions of other parents, and if there is a particular concern about a game, this is the venue where to get more information.

If All Else Fails

Of course, if all else fails, there is the old fallback on the classic games and characters. Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Spyro, and Pokémon are game characters which have been around for a while and in a host of incarnations. Even as the educational value of some of these games is debatable, they do offer rip-roaring fun, rad moves, and most certainly the entertainment value the kids appreciate most. At the same time, they eschew foul language, nudity, and explicit violence parents object to.

Parents in a time crunch or those who simply cannot find a game that meets their standards will usually find a winner in these genres. Moreover, since they are part and parcel of a popular series, parents and kids can make the buying decisions together. For example, the popular Mario games offer offshoots like “Luigi’s Mansion” that offers the exploration of a haunted house, while other offshoots are cart racing games.


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