when they are exposed

What is a micro switch?

A microswitch, as the name suggests, is a small-sized switch. It is very sensitive, and this sensitivity is the main factor behind its mechanism. The switch can be triggered with the slightest compression or physical change. This switch’s build is simple and works on a fundamental factor, which makes this switch simple and hence inexpensive. These switches normally have a long life and can run for about ten million cycles.

Since micro switches are sensitive and they work for a long time, which makes them reliable, they are mostly used in safety devices. Most commonly, they are used in door sensors to sense the movement of the door. For instance, it prevents a door from closing if someone or something stands as an obstacle and other similar actions.

Working of a micro switch

They work with the help of an actuator. When physical pressure is put on this actuator, it lifts the contact to its required position with a lever’s help. While this action takes place, it often creates a clicking sound. This informs us that the actuator is working.

These are mounted and fixed to a place with the help of the fixing hole in it. Since their design is simple, they don’t necessarily any kind of maintenance. They require any replacement because of their lifelong longevity.

What are the benefits of using these microswitches?

As talked about earlier, we know that the major advantage of using a micro switch is their lifelong longevity, zero maintenance, and extremely low cost. These can be easily bought in bulk. Not just that, but they are also versatile in their functioning. Some are even resistant to dust and water, which means they provide an IP67 protection rating. This allows them to function normally even when they are exposed to water and dust.


Benefits of Using Tubes Packaging for Cosmetic Containers

Nowadays, cosmetic products are high in demand. Some common examples of these products include products designed for sunscreen, anti-aging, and hair removal. As a matter of fact, these products are designed for all types of users regardless of their age or gender. Typically, these products are packaged in high-quality cosmetic tubes for protection. In this article, we are going to focus on the benefits of these cosmetic containers.


Nowadays, buyers are quite smart when it comes to purchasing things online. Their goal is to buy their desired products at the lowest price possible. Of all these tubes, cosmetic tubes are quite affordable.

On the other hand, decorated cosmetic containers made of glass cost a lot of money. This is the reason they come with a higher price tag. If you are looking for an affordable option, we suggest that you go for plastic tubes. They are of high quality but come with a lower price tag.


When it comes to versatility, plastic is your best choice. In these tubes, manufacturers can package different types of substances, such as shampoo and sunscreen. The beauty of these tubes is that their openings can be adjusted based on the viscosity of the product inside. Therefore, it is possible to store a large variety of substances like creams, astringent toner, and cosmetic foundations. This is one of the main benefits of these products.


The good thing about glass and plastic tubes is that they are not harmful to the environment. The good thing about smaller containers is that they don’t use a lot of plastic. Plus, they can be recycled. Manufacturers use eco-friendly manufacturing methods. So, plastic cosmetic tubes are your best bet if you are looking for a low-cost option, which is eco-friendly at the same time.


Another great thing about plastic tubes is that they are easy to carry from one place to another. This is the reason they don’t occupy a lot of space. Therefore, you can carry hundreds of plastic tubes in your vehicle. Even if you want to carry these tubes in your pocket, you won’t have any problem.

Easy to Use

Another great benefit of plastic tubes is that they are quite a user friendly. You just need to remove the lid and squeeze the tube in order to use the desired amount of substance. Unlike glass containers, these tubes are quite user-friendly. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for all types of users.


you may want to consider

If you are in need of a Solid State Relay, you may want to consider a lot of important factors, such as the SSR performance parameters and application conditions. Other important factors may include over-volt conditions and the load capacity of SSR. This is important if you want to ensure the reliability of the unit and make it stand the test of time. Given below are some tips that will help you go for the right SSR.

1. Consider the Load Types

These units can switch on and off during normal loads, but it is not the same during special load conditions. Therefore, based on your load type, you should go for the right unit. It is quite important if you don’t want to cause damage to the unit. You may not want to exceed the rated output current mentioned on the device.

Apart from this, you may want to consider the surge characteristics as well. There should be plenty of current and voltage margin.

2. Consider the DV/DT, Transient Voltage, and Power Voltage of the Circuit

If you have a DC-voltage system, make sure you go for a device that is designed for direct current. The reason is that AC Solid State Relays are designed to control AC power and load. Again, make sure that the load does not exceed the rated output voltage.

In the case of capacitive and inductive loads, the power voltage won’t be zero when the AC Solid State Relay switches off. The output ends with a higher DT/DV value. So, it is better that you go for a unit that features a high DV/DT.

3. Consider the Input Ends of the Unit

You can choose from two types of units: AC and DC input control. The latter uses a source circuit that offers constant current. In this case, the range of input voltage is between 3 and 32 volts DC. It is designed to connect with a microcomputer interface and TTL circuit.

Apart from this, you may want to pay attention to the negative and positive polarity of the terminals. In the case of an AC Solid State Relay, the voltage is between 70 and 280 volts.

4. Consider the Overheating, Overvoltage, and Overcurrent factors

In case of a short circuit or overcurrent, the Solid State Relay may get damaged. If you want to prevent this issue, we suggest that you install an air switch or fast fuse. To be on the safe side, you may want to choose units that feature MOV, in-built RC snubber circuits, and output protection. This is important if you want the unit to tolerate voltage surges.

The load capacity of these units is affected by many factors, such as the temperature of the unit itself and the ambient temperature. Therefore, make sure that there is enough heat emission during installation and usage. If the rated current is higher than 10 amperes, make sure that you install a radiator.


What Considerations Should

Buying a spring making machine can be confusing, especially when it is your first time. There are many factors and machine parts that one must keep in mind while looking for a small spring making machine. Many companies are delivering good quality products with many types of motors and functioning. In the end, it comes down to the cost and reasonability for the price. A customer should be able to trust the company with their work and the final product.

We are a trustworthy company, with many experienced professional, working in manufacturing the best spring making machine possible. We customize the device according to your needs. Different machines produce different sizes, lengths, and designs of springs. Every detail should be noted while buying the correct machine for you.

Keep the following factors in mind while buying a small spring making machine

  • Automatic grade

There are machines which are Automatic, Semi-automatic, and manual. The prices are low accordingly. But using a manual machine requires a lot of labor and takes time. While using an automatic device helps you save a lot of production time and improves the spring’s accuracy. Automatic machine are one-time investments, which will not require attention later.

  • Wire type

Various devices produce various sized springs. Each device differs in the length and design of the springs also. Once you know the details (diameter, number, and spaces in between the coils, flexibility), you can proceed to look for the machine type you need.

  • The material of wire and machine

Various raw materials (alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.) are used in making springs. A machine cannot produce springs using every material. Hence, buy a device which can make springs with the material we want.

The machine’s body should be checked before buying a spring making machine. Studying the body and the material will help us understand the lifetime of the device. Rusty and fragile body will not work for a long time.

  • Camera

With the advancement in technology, spring making machines have developed too. The spring making devices have an inbuilt camera. This camera is attached to a monitor, which helps the user check the production of the spring


AI has the potential

Today, trust is the basis of many of our every-day interactions and exchanges. We put money into a bank trusting that it is safer there. We give information to one another on the basis that they will not share it with someone else without prior permission. We also put a lot of trust into pieces of paper – money, land records, transaction information, etc. But these pieces of paper can be easily stolen, forged, or altered. Nowadays while we are moving towards the computerization of information, data can still be hacked and leaked easily.

Blockchain is a series of records or data distributed through a network of computers so that no central computer or database holds the information, instead, every computer contains the data making it a fully transparent system. Why blockchain is so impressive is due to its unhackability. Each exchange, transaction, or record entered into a database is time-stamped and verified by a large group of trusted computers before it is put as a block into a chain of various other exchanges, transactions, or records. After it is entered, the information “block” cannot be altered or deleted because that means altering or deleting the chain on all the computers simultaneously which is almost impossible.

The social impact that blockchain technology can have is tremendous and can be implemented toward solving many issues the world faces today in a variety of areas. In most developing countries agriculture contributes to a major part of their GDP; yet many farmers suffer due to lack of money, lack of land, and lack of various resources necessary for farming. Even if a farmer owns a large plot of land, it is often incorrectly recorded. Property titles also tend to be susceptible to fraud, as well as costly and labor-intensive to administer. Blockchain can be implemented to digitize land and farmers will no longer have to fear someone hacking the database and committing fraud over land ownership as all types of record-keeping will become more efficient.

The technology will not only tell you who currently owns the land, but it can also tell you who previously owned the land making it extremely simple to track the chain of title. Blockchain can correctly update the records of which portion of the land belongs to which person and how much was produced from that land, allowing the farmers to get the correct amount of funding necessary.

Among many other areas, blockchain technology can contribute to the healthcare sector. Maintenance of Public healthcare records is a constant issue in many countries with its inaccessibility to doctors and patients. By creating a decentralized ‘ledger’ of medical data, we are able to remove the paper trail in healthcare and make patients’ medical records available to the patients and doctors easily and efficiently. It also eliminated the fear of the medical files getting lost. Such a change is not only convenient but necessary where doctor-patient confidentiality is becoming increasingly important.


In-Person Jekyll, Social Media Hyde

Ahh, social media. Where from the comfort of your living room you can make your point known to millions of people. People and businesses have grown from being virtual unknowns to worldwide phenoms (think “Gangnam Style”) thanks to social media. Then there are those who fell from grace like a lead balloon (think Roseanne Barr, Anthony Weiner, or Paula Deen) because of social media. Both the rises and falls can happen swiftly and without advance warning. Sadly, it doesn’t even have to be true. Fake news travels just as fast as the truth. It just has to be tantalizing. It also doesn’t even have to go viral; a handful of viewers can see something that will alter their opinions of the person posting.

That viewer could be your current or future boss, customer, or business partner.

Before I go any further, I want to be very careful to treat this topic with respect and not take sides on any political, religious, or social issue. My goal is to shine a light on social media and how it could impact your professional livelihood, not to tell you a point of view is right or wrong.

Let’s pretend you are a businessperson who would like me as a customer. You and I have met for coffee several times and we seem to hit it off. You friend me on Facebook, wanting to get to know me better to understand how you could help solve my business problems and earn my trust in a business relationship. After we become connected on social media, I see very passionate posts from you mocking a point of view that I hold and telling people like me that we must be idiots to support such a heinous position. You then say something like, “If you believe in <fill in the blank> then unfriend me now!” As your prospective customer, I am confused by how someone who is so nice face to face (Dr. Jekyll) can be so venomous on social media, even giving an ultimatum (Mr. Hyde). I ultimately decide to not do business with you, not because you hold a particular point of view, but because you berate others who believe something different.

In looking at the above scenario, there are a few business relationship guiding principles that seem to go out the window with many on social media:

  • Not everyone thinks the same way as you.
  • Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean the world needs to know about it.
  • When your posts are vague or generalized, you leave it up to the reader to decide what you meant, which could be quite different from what you meant to convey.
  • You can be denied a job because of questionable social media posts. According to a  sponsored by The Manifest, 90% of employers look at potential employees’ social media profiles and 79% have rejected a candidate based on what they found.
  • If you’re trying to sell an idea or convince people to act a certain way, you shouldn’t do it by telling them what an idiot they are.

I want to illustrate this last point. Imagine walking into a car dealer and the salesperson greets you at the door. You tell him you want to buy a car and he asks you what you’re currently driving. You take him out to your car and he proceeds to tell you how ugly the car is and what a fool you are for driving such a repulsive vehicle. Do you view this person as credible and want to buy a car from him? I’d venture to say not a chance. Yet this is what I see over and over again on social media. People rip other points of view to shreds and berate all who believe in those views, rather than simply extolling the positive benefits of their own view.


Beware Of Political Titles!: 4 Examples

It seems, to many, we are witnessing a period, where Americans, seem, unwilling to consider, what others feel and believe, and this partisan atmosphere, seems to be greater than, at any time, in recent memory! Instead of proceeding, with an open – mind, many appear, to take, the easy – way – out, and, resort to a form, of, name – calling, using simplistic labels, rather than seeking, any, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! In addition, not only, is attempting to pin – hole, and, over – simplify, ineffective, but, it often, is inaccurate. as well. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, and review, 4 of these titles/ labels, and how they, rarely, help.

1. Conservative: Many times, we hear, individuals, proclaim, they are conservative, and this is best, for this nation. However, they seem to apply this concept, irregularly/ inconsistently, using convenient aspects, when it is beneficial. For example, by political definition, a conservative emphasizes, responsibly, handling economic and budgetary issues/ matters. Doesn’t that seem, at – odds, with many of these people, appearing to ignore this, when their party’s candidate, is, President, but, amazingly, budget – conscious, when the so – called, opposition party, becomes, in – power? We, also, witness, many of these, individuals, claim to be, strict observers, of the Constitution, but, again, it seems, selective, when they use, an expanded (convenient) interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, but, their, often – personally – biased, interpretation, and selective enforcement of the First!

2. Liberal/ Progressive: Liberals, and/ or, progressives, often, emphasize, human rights, including, civil, women’s, etc! They believe, quality health care, should be a guaranteed right, and, not, merely, available, and/ or, a privilege! Traditionally, this approach, emphasizes, spending, on human – related, issues, rather than seeming to favor the wealthiest! Tax reform is considered, to need, to prioritize, the middle, and working – class, and poorest, rather than the wealthiest of us!

3. Moderate: Traditionally, we elected Presidents, whose, personal – politics, was, between 5% to the so – called, left, or the same amount, to the right! They, generally, seek and emphasize, a meeting – of – the – minds, and finding, common ground, for the greater good! Unfortunately, in today’s political environment, there are fewer, and fewer, of these individuals!

4. Socialist: How come, some refer to anything, which emphasizes, government – run, or assisted, programs (or, those, which they perceive as, not benefiting them), as socialist? The hypocrisy of referring to a necessary, financial stimulus, to individuals, as socialism, but, transforming the tax system, and/ or, providing government funds, to the wealthiest corporations, as acceptable!

Instead of using, somewhat – meaningless, labels, often, for political purposes, wouldn’t it make sense, to look, at the best path, forward! Wake up, America, and demand, better!


Are Cracked Versions of Registry Scanners As Effective

There are several times when you have used the registry scanners to repair your registry and for enhancing the performance of the computer. Many of your friends might have suggested that spending money on commercially available software is a waste of money and may have advocated use of pirated software. These pirated registry scanners can be installed through the internet by making use of the cracked password. Very often, this actually works but still it is not correct to use. Also people in the practice of doing such things often underestimate the utility of using the original authenticated and complete version of the software.

If the speed of your computer system deteriorating day by and day it is due to the reason of corrupt registry. Registry is more a like referencing software located in the windows operating system that maintains the record of all the software as well as the program that are being loaded and unloaded in the operating system. The registry is like a central nervous system of the computer system. It is the core of the system and using any program causing harm to the registry is a serious matter.

With the constant use and span of time, the registry of the system gets overloaded with the unused files and data that that declines the speed of the system. Also the registry gets corrupted to mal ware or spy ware due to the inappropriate installation of the program.

Original versions of the registry scanner are generally free from the mal ware and spy ware and are no doubt more effective and efficient. So, from the next time onwards, if you near and dear ones suggest you to buy the cracked version of the registry scanners just give a serious thought.

There are lots and lots of registry scanners available in the market as well as on the internet too. It is vital to understand your usage and requirements once you make choice of the registry software.

The various disadvantages of using the cracked version of the registry scanner software are as follows:

  • You won’t get the maximum output if you use the cracked version of the software.
  • The cracked version if installed from the internet often carry mal ware which affects adversely the system, your system becomes more prone to hackers and attackers.
  • Use of cracked version of the software is illegal. Software piracy is considered as theft which is against law.
  • Cracked registry scanners won’t give you the proper updates. Even if you are updating your system the site will identify the keys if they are not true and the installation of the software will be unsuccessful.

Want to know which registry repair program [] our research found to be the best of all? Want to get your slow computer back to full speed quickly and easily? Try Registry Easy and see the difference in your system’s performance.


Newsletters or Email or News Feeds

Forgive me for starting with a not-very-clever rewording of an old saying, but today “almost all news is good news” when you are trying to generate visibility for your company or organization. I’m going to tell you how to create valuable news releases from information that you might not think has value and get it published.

What do I mean by “almost all news is good news”? That just about any news can be turned into content for online and offline publications, gaining valuable visibility for your business or organization.

Traditional news releases — or press releases as they used to be called back when real presses were used by real news organizations to print news – had to vie for limited space on a printed page. Typically, that limited newsworthiness to stories about new products or services, new technologies, or major organizational news.

Today, however, the concept of “news” has changed dramatically. Publishing space is virtually unlimited and publishers hungry for content. The lines have blurred between so-called “real” news organizations such as newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news outlets and “new media” such as online citizen-journalism sites, blogs, e-letters, and news aggregator services. Today, many of the stumbling blocks have disappeared that were once between people generating news and the outlets that published it. It’s easier than ever now to get your news published in a variety of places. The trick is writing something that will be of enough interest for someone to pick it up and publish it.

Picking a topic

There are more things to write a news release about than you might think, starting with the obvious: a new product or service, openings and closings, restructurings (partnerships, mergers and acquisitions), and employee/staff news. These topics generally can be considered “hard” news and worthy of broad distribution, when possible.

There are a host of other topics, however, that many people don’t think to promote with a news release, but that make ideal “soft” news releases. These topics include trade show and conference appearances, awards, business anniversaries, new client wins, capital equipment purchases, and new capabilities. While a business publication editor may consider these topics too self-serving to warrant publication, there are still good reasons to write a release on them, as you will shortly see.

Creating your own news.

Don’t think you have enough news, hard or soft, to write about? Then think about creating your own news. Develop a simple industry or customer survey, publish the results on your website, and write a news release about it.

Write a report. Interview key personnel in your organization and your industry trade association about your market or industry and publish their insights. Then write a release about the key findings, announcing the availability of the report for download on your website. With a little thought, you should be able to come up with several ways to create your own news.

Writing a news release

Now you need to write about your topic. Remember that this is news, not advertising, and an editor is going to judge whether it’s worth publishing. Avoid jargon and using phrases such as “industry leading”, “number one”, “unique”, and any other terms that smack of self-serving advertising.

Lead with all the important information in the first paragraph, starting with the topic, the company, and why your news is important. Traditionally, this is known as the “five W’s and the H” – who, what, where, when, why, and how. Keep sentences simple and paragraphs short.

Add the details to the middle portion, or body, of your release and finish with what’s called the “boilerplate” – the standard information about your company or organization, including basic description, locations, and web address. If your company is big enough it can even include the number of employees, subsidiary information, and stock ticker symbol if it’s publicly traded.

Distributing a news release

Here comes the fun part – getting the word out so the right people see it. If your market is fairly small, you might be able to put together your own distribution list based on trade publications and industry organizations (here’s a tip for finding the right people on their websites: drill down to the Contact Us section, often a button in the footer at the very bottom of the page – key personnel and their email addresses are often listed there). It takes a little legwork, but it’s worth it because you will have a concise, up-to-date list of exactly the people you need to reach. Just remember to update it periodically.

If your company has important news with wider appeal, consider using one of the many paid news distribution services such as PR Newswire, PRWeb, or BusinessWire. These services can charge several hundred dollars or more per release, depending on the distribution you need, but they are worth it. Thousands of on- and off-line publications subscribe to these services to receive news releases, increasing your chances of getting seen by the right editors and audiences.

There are also many free online release distribution services that are worth looking into but too numerous to list completely here. Some of the more popular ones include, Webwire, PRZoom,, and 24-7 Press These types of distribution services are especially useful for distributing “soft news” releases such as business anniversaries, tradeshow appearances, and survey or report availabilities; releases designed to get your organization’s name in front of a wider audience of e-letter editors, bloggers, and other publishers with news that may not be “newsy” enough for, say, a trade publication or business page editor.

Soft news releases also make ideal content for your website. They provide significant, search-engine-optimizable text and other features attractive to search engines and potential customers. They are also a great way to refresh your site content on a regular basis. Even if you never distribute your company’s tenth anniversary release to a news service, you should definitely write one to put on your website.

So there you have it. The secret to getting noticed with news releases is to write about everything that can be considered news about your company or organization – not just new products or services. Be creative. Create your own news with surveys and reports. Distribute your releases appropriately. Pay to distribute the most critical and newsworthy ones, distribute soft news releases using free online distribution services, and be sure to add all of them to your website.


Trade The News – Profiting From Trading With Low Latency News Feeds

Experienced traders recognize the effects of global changes on Foreign Exchange (Forex/FX) markets, stock markets and futures markets. Factors such as interest rate decisions, inflation, retail sales, unemployment, industrial productions, consumer confidence surveys, business sentiment surveys, trade balance and manufacturing surveys affect currency movement. While traders could monitor this information manually using traditional news sources, profiting from automated or algorithmic trading utilizing low latency news feeds is an often more predictable and effective trading method that can increase profitability while reducing risk.

The faster a trader can receive economic news, analyze the data, make decisions, apply risk management models and execute trades, the more profitable they can become. Automated traders are generally more successful than manual traders because the automation will use a tested rules-based trading strategy that employs money management and risk management techniques. The strategy will process trends, analyze data and execute trades faster than a human with no emotion. In order to take advantage of the low latency news feeds it is essential to have the right low latency news feed provider, have a proper trading strategy and the correct network infrastructure to ensure the fastest possible latency to the news source in order to beat the competition on order entries and fills or execution.

How Do Low Latency News Feeds Work?

Low latency news feeds provide key economic data to sophisticated market participants for whom speed is a top priority. While the rest of the world receives economic news through aggregated news feeds, bureau services or mass media such as news web sites, radio or television low latency news traders count on lightning fast delivery of key economic releases. These include jobs figures, inflation data, and manufacturing indexes, directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Commerce Department, and the Treasury Press Room in a machine-readable feed that is optimized for algorithmic traders.

One method of controlling the release of news is an embargo. After the embargo is lifted for news event, reporters enter the release data into electronic format which is immediately distributed in a proprietary binary format. The data is sent over private networks to several distribution points near various large cities around the world. In order to receive the news data as quickly as possible, it is essential that a trader use a valid low latency news provider that has invested heavily in technology infrastructure. Embargoed data is requested by a source not to be published before a certain date and time or unless certain conditions have been met. The media is given advanced notice in order to prepare for the release.

News agencies also have reporters in sealed Government press rooms during a defined lock-up period. Lock-up data periods simply regulate the release of all news data so that every news outlet releases it simultaneously. This can be done in two ways: “Finger push” and “Switch Release” are used to regulate the release.

News feeds feature economic and corporate news that influence trading activity worldwide. Economic indicators are used to facilitate trading decisions. The news is fed into an algorithm that parses, consolidates, analyzes and makes trading recommendations based upon the news. The algorithms can filter the news, produce indicators and help traders make split-second decisions to avoid substantial losses.

Automated software trading programs enable faster trading decisions. Decisions made in microseconds may equate to a significant edge in the market.

News is a good indicator of the volatility of a market and if you trade the news, opportunities will present themselves. Traders tend to overreact when a news report is released, and under-react when there is very little news. Machine readable news provides historical data through archives that enable traders to back test price movements against specific economic indicators.

Each country releases important economic news during certain times of the day. Advanced traders analyze and execute trades almost instantaneously when the announcement is made. Instantaneous analysis is made possible through automated trading with low latency news feed. Automated trading can play a part of a trader’s risk management and loss avoidance strategy. With automated trading, historical back tests and algorithms are utilized to select optimal entry and exit points.

Traders must know when the data will be released to know when to monitor the market. For instance, important economic data in the United States is released between 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM EST. Canada releases information between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM. Since currencies span the globe, traders may always find a market that is open and ready for trading.

A SAMPLE of Major Economic Indicators
Consumer Price Index
Employment Cost Index
Employment Situation
Producer Price Index
Productivity and Costs
Real Earnings
U.S. Import and Export Prices
Employment & Unemployment

Where Do You Put Your Servers? Important Geographic Locations for algorithmic trading Strategies

The majority of investors that trade the news seek to have their algorithmic trading platforms hosted as close as possible to news source and the execution venue as possible. General distribution locations for low latency news feed providers include globally: New York, Washington DC, Chicago and London.

The ideal locations to place your servers are in well-connected datacenters that allow you to directly connect your network or servers to the actually news feed source and execution venue. There must be a balance of distance and latency between both. You need to be close enough to the news in order to act upon the releases however, close enough to the broker or exchange to get your order in ahead of the masses looking for the best fill.

Low Latency News Feed Providers

Thomson Reuters uses proprietary, state of the art technology to produce a low latency news feed. The news feed is designed specifically for applications and is machine readable. Streaming XML broadcast is used to produce full text and metadata to ensure that investors never miss an event.

Another Thomson Reuters news feed features macro-economic events, natural disasters and violence in the country. An analysis of the news is released. When the category reaches a threshold, the investor’s trading and risk management system is notified to trigger an entry or exit point from the market. Thomson Reuters has a unique edge on global news compared to other providers being one of the most respected business news agencies in the world if not the most respected outside of the United States. They have the advantage of including global Reuters News to their feed in addition to third-party newswires and Economic data for both the United States and Europe. The University of Michigan Survey of Consumers report is also another major news event and releases data twice monthly. Thomson Reuters has exclusive media rights to The University of Michigan data.

Other low latency news providers include: Need to Know News, Dow Jones News and Rapidata which we will discuss further when they make information regarding their services more available.

Examples of News Affecting the Markets

A news feed may indicate a change in the unemployment rate. For the sake of the scenario, unemployment rates will show a positive change. Historical analysis may show that the change is not due to seasonal effects. News feeds show that buyer confidence is increasing due the decrease in unemployment rates. Reports provide a strong indication that the unemployment rate will remain low.

With this information, analysis may indicate that traders should short the USD. The algorithm may determine that the USD/JPY pair would yield the most profits. An automatic trade would be executed when the target is reached, and the trade will be on auto-pilot until completion.

The dollar could continue to fall despite reports of unemployment improvement provided from the news feed. Investors must keep in mind that multiple factors affect the movement of the United States Dollar. The unemployment rate may drop, but the overall economy may not improve. If larger investors do not change their perception of the dollar, then the dollar may continue to fall.

The big players will typically make their decisions prior to most of the retail or smaller traders. Big player decisions may affect the market in an unexpected way. If the decision is made on only information from the unemployment, the assumption will be incorrect. Non-directional bias assumes that any major news about a country will create a trading opportunity. Directional-bias trading accounts for all possible economic indicators including responses from major market players.

Trading The News – The Bottom Line

News moves the markets and if you trade the news, you can capitalize. There are very few of us that can argue against that fact. There is no doubt that the trader receiving news data ahead of the curve has the edge on getting a solid short-term trade on momentum trade in various markets whether FX, Equities or Futures. The cost of low latency infrastructure has dropped over the past few years making it possible to subscribe to a low latency news feed and receive the data from the source giving a tremendous edge over traders watching television, the Internet, radio or standard news feeds. In a market driven by large banks and hedge funds, low latency news feeds certainly give the big company edge to even individual traders.