How to Choose a New Boiler

It’s not always easy to pick the best time to get a new boiler. Sometimes it’s obvious, your existing boiler doesn’t work, it’s broken down and either its unfixable or it’s too old to get parts for. In some cases it might even be unsafe to switch back on.

If your boiler still works it isn’t as clear. If it is particularly old it may be very inefficient or it may not work properly anymore. You’d be surprised at how often people put up with a partially broken boiler. It is often the case that people will only be able to get hot water from a boiler if the heating is on. Or they make do with very slow running water or heating which doesn’t actually heat the house.

So if you’re fed up with poor heating or hot water and your old boiler is inefficient then its time to choose a new boiler.

The first decision to make is which installation company to use. If you live in the UK they must be Gas Safe Registered, this is a minimum legal requirement, do not employ anyone do to gas work if they are not registered. Their work could be unsafe or dangerous.

A good company will be a member of other bodies which assure quality, such as the Benchmark scheme run by HHIC. Or they may be members of CIPHE or APHE. Check out their credentials. It is also a good idea to get testimonials from people they have already worked with. These days you could also try internet review websites, these often give an independent opinion of the type of service you will receive.

Once you have chosen a company who can install your boiler they will be able to give you a range of boiler for you too choose from.When they present these options to you they will have surveyed your property in order to ascertain how much water you use, how much space there is to heat, how many bathrooms you have and so on and so forth.

The installation company will also advise you as to which system is best for you. In the past systems with tanks in the loft and hot water cylinders were common, but there are alternatives available these days. All manufacturers now build combination boilers (combi boilers) which are a very good alternative. The cylinder could be replaced with an unvented version, which supplies water a mains pressure. There is no pressure drop which is usually associated with tank fed cylinders.

Deciding on how much to spend is important. You may have a huge budget but if you’re moving house in the next few years it may be counter productive to spend so much on something that you won’t use. If you are planning on staying in your home for many years to come the investment in buying an expensive boiler will pay itself back in reduced maintenance costs and extend life from the quality build

One of the main decisions you will need to make is which manufacturer to go with. They all have there niche, some are expensive high end models others go for the budget end of the market. The most important thing for someone choosing a new boiler is to pick the best model you can with the money you have available.


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