Be st Safe in Muslim blogs Networking!

Here is a quick guide on how you can stay safe in muslim networking…….

Keep yourself Protected!

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When you decide to network, just remember that there are many bad people in addition to good people on the world wide web. So some might try to send you a virus or send in a reel to hook out your personal details. My advice is stay protected with a good software such as Norton or Mcafee ( believe me you rather invest some money in something good and well known then go for a cheapy free one that will not give you much protection or might be a spyware tool).

Do not give out your personal details to strangers and don’t meet up with people you do not know much. If you are going to meet up with someone make sure you verify them and most Importantly take someone with you, such as a friend or a family member.

Always keep a eye open when the little ones are online ( such as your little brothers/sisters or your children are online ). Make sure you don’t Invade their privacy too much as they might not like it but If you suspect they are doing something wrong then sit down and talk with them in a polite and caring way. Be there for your family and friends and help everyone network safely.

Stay away from fanatics!

We now live in a time where there are some fanatics on the increase who like taking advantage of innocent Muslims. They might brainwash you in a horrible way.

So just remember that Islam always encourages love and peace and not violence or hatred. If you get annoyed a lot by these idiots then simply block and delete them or inform the forum mod or get in touch with the networking site owner.

Remember you are in-control of your life and not any other idiot!

Seek the right Knowledge!

If you network to seek Islamic Knowledge then believe me half of the people on the web like deceiving others into believing anything. So always be smart and prepare to do some of your own research and verify information.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) ” Its a duty upon every Muslim to seek Knowledge from the cradle to the grave ”

Your Imam in the local mosque would be a good start or good Muslim family members and friends. A forum such as Ummah forum is also a good one as its the largest online Islamic forum which is kept moderated. I myself like networking there sometimes.

Be patient and stay polite!

Sometimes you will come across abusive and angry individuals when you debate or leave your views. Islam encourages us to be patient and polite at all times so don’t fall to their level and behave in a negative manner. Always be patient and polite and have a positive attitude. This will make you smile and remind you that we are the followers of Prophet Muhammad(saw) and we try following his sunnah the best way we can.

Don’t miss your prayer!

Last but not the least brothers and sisters…

When we network online we sometimes go too deep in discussions and forget about our salah (prayer). ( I myself have been caught up in this situation when im hooked on to a Intresting thread on a forum or when i’m talking to some friends online).

1 way of overcoming this issue is telling some 1 in your household/office to remind you at a certain time. You could always set a alarm on your watch/clock.

Make sure you take time out to pray so Allah(swt) can keep you protected online and offline


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