Types of Versatile Uses of High-Quality Booklet Printing

Even though we are living in a digital era, the good old print marketing tools are not obsolete yet. So, are you thinking of using some custom print marketing product for promotion among your niche audience or looking for rather extensive use of a regular product? If yes, then you should opt for booklets. Versatile, customizable, and affordable, booklets are often used for many purposes.

If you are not familiar with what a good old booklet can do for you, you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know how you can use booklet printing to get the most of its versatility.

Creative Excerpts Booklet

Maybe you are an author whose new book is coming out soon. Do you want to get the attention of your target audience? When they are at a bookstore getting the books from the same genre, an excerpt booklet can make them more interested in your writing. For example, you are a thriller writer, and the readers are probably buying books by John Grisham or Keigo Higashino. So, let the store executive hand them a booklet that showcases your book cover and a chapter for an excerpt that ends at a cliffhanger. It will surely make these readers buy your book. A gloss paper cover with 80lb or 100lb paperstock will create the desired visual appeal for your book.

Fun Comic Books

There is hardly any child who doesn’t love a good colorful comic book. Now, if you are an obsessive creator of some really fun comics and want to turn them into a book, then go for color booklet printing. You can opt for any page numbers, from 8 to 48 pages. Get saddle-stitched booklets ready with your full color printed comics. If you want, you can also customize it with glossy paper for a better appeal. Any reputed printing company will be able to help you get high-quality comic books printed.

Children Books with Illustrations

Making children read a book is not an easy deal. Unlike grownups, children cannot focus on a book that only has text printed. That is why thinner booklets with illustrated glossy pages along with text can help the kids read better while they enjoy it thoroughly. So, are you writing a children’s book and want to make it widely popular? Then go for high-quality booklet printing with any number of pages. Opt for UV coated gloss printing for better protection of the pages. Find a printing company that offers custom booklet printing no minimum and place your order.

High School Sports Booklets

For any high school, the sports teams are their pride and their achievements are honors. Do you want to showcase the amazing performance of your school sports team? A glossy full color printed booklet with the students in action can be the perfect choice for you. These booklets will surely inspire other students to participate in sports and activities too.

So, find a reputed printing company that offers low minimum order as well as bulk orders. You can choose any size from 5.5×8.5 inches to 8.5×11 inches for a better appeal. You can design the artwork. Or you can ask the printing company to tweak it up for you. Place your order and enjoy the versatility of the booklet.

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