Why Robert Kiyosaki Advocates it

Robert Kiyosaki is known as the author of the very successful and widely accepted book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The book was written in 1997 and became his first major commercial success. Robert T Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter came together for the Rich Dad Poor Dad books. Mr. Kiyosaki has also worked with his wife, Kim Kiyosaki in the Rich Dad Poor Dad Corporation.Kim Kiyosaki has developed Rich Women Poor Women. Her main focus was to help women obtain wealth still using the principles that her husband teaches.

Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad delves into the way the rich dad and the poor view and use money. The aim is to educate people on how to use their money to work hard for them, instead of working hard for the money. It measures the perspectives and decisions of both dad categories in respect to the financial world. The mission of the RDPD Corporation remains to educate readers and the public on the proper ways to perceive money and handle it. Robert Kiyosaki has also ventured into offering business and financial seminars tagged “Money and You” also aimed at proper financial education.

From his books and views, Robert Kiyosaki instills sound business advice in respect to network marketing, successful use of money, and how to increase cash flow. Robert Kiyosaki began to research into network marketing programs when he retired in 1997. He started by attending a number of seminars and even joining a few to investigate into the negatives and positives of the business.

It is of note that Robert Kiyosaki did not make fame and fortune from network marketing but he is a strong advocate of the program. When he was asked about this, he said while he did not gain his fortune from networking he believes that this allows him to be more objective when accessing the network marketing industry and its value which he says he found offers more that just a large potential for making money.

However, he advises that the lure of the money should not be the main attraction to MLM. Many programs promise increased cash flow, big earnings and some of them actually help people make a few thousand dollars a month, however, Robert says the money should not be the main motive of joining a network marketing opportunity.

Most of the MLM programs also offer a large number of useful products. There are network programs on home care products, health care products, financial services, internet related, jewelry, cosmetics and a lot more. Robert however says that when picking a network marketing opportunity the main focus should also not be just the products.

Robert Kiyosaki’s network marketing tips stresses the education and training that can be received from these programs. He says for any network marketer to truly succeed he should concentrate on the education he can derive from network marketing programs. Network marketers should aim to develop skills such as people skills, leadership skills, communication skills, money management techniques, accounting skills, time management, goal setting and acquiring self confidence.

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