Dehradun Boarding Schools

Best Boarding Schools in Dehradun main goal is to provide a learning community where students can concentrate on their studies, mature, and reach their full potential. They provide various facilities for the students to have a great experience and enhance the performance of the boarders, who are completely under our care.

Best Boarding School For Girls and Boys in Dehradun provides you with the quality of learning, teaching.

They also provide academic emotional and psychological support for the boarders and give the opportunities for growth in academic and co-scholastic areas and inculcation of values like independence and community living. The infrastructure of boarding and its facility and nutritional care, quality of clerical staff.

A boarding school provides education for the student to live together within the schools campus. Boarding is used for room and board. Best Boarding School For Girls and Boys in Dehradun exists for number one functioning and ethos. Students stay at the school for a term and are allowed for returning home every weekend, and some welcome day.

Some of the boardings are either for boys or girls, while the others are co-educational. Boarding dorms include study-bedrooms and a dining room where students have meals at specified timings, a library to study and complete their homework. They have regular spaces for TV, entertainment and kitchens for bites, and storerooms.

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