The World of Finance and Its Destructive Power

With the US government now closed down one must wonder what it is about money that allows politicians to force this issue? It appears to amount to is a fight over medical care for the least privileged. While called Obama Care the aim is to ease the pressure on many victims of illnesses by providing cheaper or free medical services for them.

Mothers frequently write about ill children for whom they cannot afford even a doctor’s consultation while desperately appealing to the government for help. Hospitals cost the earth in the USA and the professionals who have taken an oath to help everyone tend to charge like wounded bulls for their services. It is simply not right.

Many politicians with money and the ability to rake in high returns, for the most part, have turned their backs on those who cannot rise above the lower status of poverty. They cater best to the big end of town who run the money making industries and medical centers. Humanity is a mixture of different types and thought processes that put many at logger heads with their fellow creatures. So where is common sense and compassion in all of this?

Over decades of research into the ways of the world my view of the situation is that it is primarily propelled by greed. It is the world dominated by 666 who is identified in the Book of Revelation as the one in control of finance and trade (Revelation 13:13-18). He elevated the need for money to boost his own power and control over matters. He started Christianity through his invention of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and one of his cohorts in the conspiracy started the Muslim religion as part of the ongoing fraud.

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