Starting A Verbal Answer With a Pause Can Sometimes Indicate Story Fabrication or a Lie

It is hard to tell if someone is not telling the truth, especially if you cannot hear their voice or see them to look at their body language. Some psychologists teach investigators and micro-expression analysts that pauses in speech or the use of certain words at the lead in of a sentence are a good indication that a lie is being told or about to be uttered. Let’s discuss this shall we?

Deborah G. George, a Global Marketing Strategist, notes that; “It has been suggested that beginning a sentence with “So” generally means what follows is largely fabricated.”

Perhaps, you’ve heard something like this also? I have, I’ve also heard that any hesitation to reply to a question is a sign of what to come is less-than-true. In English, another word often associated with this is ‘basically’ which is used as a pause allowing the speaker to conjure up a story. Or, could it also be like a ‘micro-expression’ telling the listener “hmm” I am now getting into thinking phase and I am processing and continuing at the same time.

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