Do Your Values Match Your Employer’s

It is normal for a company to have a set of core values, used to aid in decision making and to establish a culture that is developed purposefully rather than by accident. It is normal that the employees of that company will have similar values, in fact if their values are not aligned then it is rare that a person would stay working for a company with very different values than the individual.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” Roy Disney

Companies will take time to develop their core values, they will probably have a strategic planning exercise involving key stake holders, perhaps with consulting advice. The process will be structured and given some importance, because at the end of that process the core values will define the very nature of the company.

How often do individuals really think about their “core values’?

I would suggest that most of us come to know and understand who we are as we mature. We may surprise ourselves from time to time, but generally we have a good understanding of what our limits are and what is important to us. It is also fairly natural that these change over time, as we are exposed to different influences, but at our very core (good word) we know what we stand for.

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