The Basics of Best Practices

When small entities do business, they (we!) must try harder. Developing and maintaining a sterling reputation that creates a trusted brand that generates good word-of-mouth and referrals is how we succeed. Delivering excellent products and services every time is a must, but there are additional factors that play important roles.

Instituting the quality control procedures collectively known as “Best Practices” as the basis of our operations protocols is a smart thing to do. Because it is much easier to retain a current client than to find a new one, you may want to incorporate Best Practices into your business venture.

Keep your word

Credibility counts and that means you keep your word. If you are unable to meet a milestone or some other commitment, speak up as early as possible so that an alternative plan can be created and enacted. If you are transparent about potential roadblocks and obstacles, your forthright behavior will be appreciated and respected. In sum, under-promise and over-deliver.

Be honest

Be truthful in every aspect of your business dealings. Avoid any and every temptation to misrepresent or exaggerate your expertise, qualifications, experience, or ability to follow a timetable or perform within a certain budget.

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