Long-Term Care Insurance and Long-Term Care – Is it Reasonable to Be in Denial?

Long-Term Care insurance is not for everyone. Everyone seems to have their own reasons why they have not purchased this type of insurance. There are the obvious reasons based on sound financial decisions and other reasons based on feelings or emotions that are not very sound or reasonable.

For example, if you have done a thorough investigation into the cost of premiums from a Long-Term Care specialist who has provided you with quotes from several of the major carriers and have found that the cost is just beyond what you can reasonably bear, this insurance is not for you.

But if you are like most people, the reason you may hesitate about preparing for possible future long-term care needs has very little to do with reasonable decisions. It is most likely based on feelings and emotions instead. And often, it is based on not wanting to deal with a future event that may or may not happen and one that is unpleasant to think about.

Many people live in a state of denial about their possible need for long-term care services in the future. This is often because they have always been relatively healthy and so, they find it hard to imagine themselves in a situation where they may need assistance with activities of daily living.

Another reason is that some people remember that their parents just died suddenly or within a short period of time and so they figure that most likely the same will happen to them. Who can predict the future? Modern medicine and the advances made in medical science are keeping us alive longer and giving us the ability to stay active well beyond the years of our parents. I am sure you have heard that the new 60 is really 40 and so on. It is obvious that more people are living longer and often need more care in the last years of life. And this care is extremely expensive.

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