Long Term Care for Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a serious cognitive disorder that affects four million Americans in 2004, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Seniors with Alzheimer’s have the higher health risks compared to those without this disease because it could deter them from continuing their normal lives. Their families often suffer the burden of paying the expensive treatments on long term care, even if it is emotionally and financially devastating. While this is burdensome, families must realize the care options the individual need to survive the challenging phase of Alzheimer’s, and make everything less strenuous to both parties.

Home and Community Options

Most patients want to remain at home or communities as much as possible and families find it more convenient to look after and attend to the needs of their loved one. This also lessens the worries that this person might get abused by the staff in the facility. You may hire either a private caregiver or somebody from a home health agency to help you carry out these activities. Outside help in the community is also available if home care is inadequate.

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