Why Every Twenty-Something Needs to Start Investing Now

We’ve all heard it before, put away 50 bucks a month and by the time your 65… But with the advent of online brokerage firms, a stock and options market available to all and it being easier than ever to fund and manage your own account, claims like this bear a whole new meaning.

I am not advocating for a life of hard-lined savings or auto deposits, I would like to bring to light a little known investment vehicle that every twenty something can and should be taking full advantage of – the options market. If forgoing your coffee every morning or passing on a night out with your sweet isn’t your idea of growing your savings account, you’ve come to the right place.

As far as growing your savings account goes, there are two predominant notions, one antiquated and one novel; work hard and put money away piously or learn to invest so that your money makes you money. Can you guess which is which?

A new age of savings has dawned, investing and managing your own money has become easier now than it has ever been and for that reason every twenty-something needs to be familiar with it.

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