What Is the Correct Way of Holding Your Baby?

Most of the parents struggle in deciding how to hold their new born in the right way so that the baby doesn’t get hurt in any way. Newborn babies may seem very delicate but you shouldn’t be frightened to hold them. You can hold your baby in several different ways you feel 홀덤

the only thing you need to ensure is that your baby feels comfortable in your arms. If you have just become a parent and you are not comfortable holding your baby, your baby can often sense this and you will be able to understand that your baby does not want to be held by you at that moment.

Your baby will feel less bored if you hold your baby differently. If you feel that your baby is fussy, there is a possibility that he or she has gotten bored, so try carrying him or, her in a different way. Try holding your baby to your body with their face away from you, and you will find that your baby is less bored and that he is feeling much safer in your arms.

Ways of Holding you Baby

There are four ways to hold a baby –

Cradle hold – Cradle hold is a good beginner’s position for new parents and moreover it is a very natural and simple way to hold your baby. First of all put your baby’s head in the crook of one of your arms and then wrap the other arm around your baby’s body. This is really a good position as you can talk and see your baby while holding them.

Belly hold – Belly hold is a good position primarily for those babies who are suffering from colic. Lay the baby chest down over one of your forearms and put your other arm to fall across your baby’s back so that you hold them securely. At the same time you can also do this across your lap or, use it for burping as well.

Hip hold – The Hip hold is also a good position but you can try this only when your baby is about 6 months old and your baby has good head and neck control. Make your baby sit on one of your hip bones facing outside and wrap the same arm around your baby’s waist.

The shoulder hold – Shoulder hold is another easy way to hold your baby. Lay you baby up on a shoulder and wrap the same side arm around the baby’s bottom. Now use your other arm to support their neck. You can make your baby sleep as well in this position.

You have to remember that you need to make your baby feel safe in your arms. This is something that you is extremely important for the health and happiness of the baby. Be sure that you are holding them and supporting their entire body and you are helping them know that they are very safe in your arms. If they are able to relax in your arms, this means they are feeling safe.

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