Menopause – Life Changing?

For many women the menopause can be life changing, it can denote emotional confusion as well as many physical symptoms too. As women come to the end of the supply of eggs that she is born with, women can then feel a sense of loss, as she is no longer able to have children, she may feel less attractive and also a sense of inadequacy can be experienced by some women and they may feel they have lost their identity as a woman.

The physical symptoms that women may experience can also be quite debilitating. The most common are the hot flushes and night sweats. For each individual case the severity can range from slight flushes occasionally, to full body, every 5 minutes. They can start suddenly, sometimes they will start at your feet and then rise up through the body, sometimes your face will redden. These flushes can also be accompanied by feelings of nausea and dizziness.

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