No Country For Poor People

In a world of undeniable hostility where at any moment a terror so horrendous could spark a global catastrophe millions the world over continue to languish hopelessly in desperation. racial wealth gap

A desperation of lack of hope and opportunity continues to cloud over so many millions of lives. Sure, humanity will no doubt continue to make scientific advances for the betterment of mankind yet, so few are able to afford the price and benefit from all these scientific advances.

The question remains will mankind on their own volition ever build a society where benevolence, compassion, and a true fellowship be the framework of that society? Will all those millions now be able to enjoy all these scientific marvels of the day? As it stands today the answer is no. The world today is driven by selfishness and greed. The United States is no exception either. A country ruled by the rich and the infamous.

From humble beginnings of over 250 years ago America has evolved into a nation controlled not by the people but by wealth and greed. A nation whose legacy once was of compassion, humility, and a genuine humanity toward their fellow man. That is not so today. What is happening today is that the widening of the wealth disparity gap has only continued to grow wider. The prognosis is that for the next few decades unless political policies are invoked that somehow manages to bridge this gap the majority of Americans will be at the mercy of the all too powerful wealthy few.

The plight of the poor, the destitute, the low wage earner, our seniors, the indigent, and the sick are all increasing in numbers while the few all too powerful wealthy continue to amass more wealth in the process. With the vast numbers of poor growing their ability at influencing political policy to help alleviate many of the injustices that continue to keep so many Americas at the bottom of the income mobility ladder has almost completely disappeared. With more riches flowing into the bank accounts of the already rich have made it most impossible for the rest of America to ever gain a foothold that would enable them to even reach that ladder of upward mobility.

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