If You Are Truly an Innovator, You Must Think Beyond the Norm

A couple weeks ago, someone called me up on the phone to harass me, and pick my brain about the concept of flying Aerostats. You see, they were one of the founding members of a startup company which had attached a wind turbine generator to a donut hole shaped mini-blimp, and tethered it with the power cord to generate energy. You may think that is quite the intriguing new innovation and eco-invention of our time.

The reality is that anyone who knows anything about this concept knows that it was devised in the 1940s. And carmit I imagine someone had thought of it sometime in the mid-1700s, as they were learning to fly lighter than air balloons. After all, they have had windmills for a thousand years or more and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. In any case, in looking at this gentleman’s design, I asked them a typical question of any innovatively engaged mind;

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