Black Women Dating White Men – Is it a Fad Or is This Mixed Up Trend Here to Stay?

In the past, interracial dating, specifically Black Women dating White Men, has been a taboo subject. In recent years with popular movies such as ‘Something New’, ‘Guess Who’, ‘Lakeview Terrace’ and many others that feature Black Women dating White Men, the acceptance of such couples has increased. While there still remains more than a few people that are bothered by such couples, more and more people in society are becoming open-minded to these relationships.

One of the most prevalent challenges that Black Women dating White Men face are the cultural differences between the races. These couples are often faced with many deep-rooted prejudices and societal pressures. Some of the biggest opposition can come from the couple’s family members. The family will often vehemently oppose the interracial relationship because they fear how it will affect the family’s image in society. What will their friends think if their son or daughter brings home someone of a different race? If they had children, the kids would be persecuted, etc.

Black Women dating White Men have the added societal pressure that comes from the Black Community of being judged as being a “sell out” and “abandoning the brothas” if she dates a man of another race. They face the irony of being ostracized in their own community when it is often the men of that same community that have all but abandoned them in droves to date women of other races. The expectation of Black Women dating White Men is that they are to wait for Black men to return to them and be satisfied with being “the chick on the side” instead of taking matters into her own hands and expanding her love options by dating men of other races.

While these couples do face some trials & tribulations, there are many interracial couples that are successfully and happily in relationships and/or married. They choose to ignore the outside pressures and instead, forge ahead to enjoy the many amazing benefits of learning about and accepting one another’s culture and creating a happy life together.

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