You’ll might be competing against all the carpet and upholstery cleaners in your vicinity who target the same market, but there’s other sources of competitions you need to be aware of.

May commercial accounts prefer to contract with a janitorial service for their carpet cleaning and other miscellaneous cleaning jobs; it’s easier for them to have a single source for these type of cleaning services. You need t convince these prospects that as a specialists, you’ll do a better job. Or find out who their janitorial service is and work out a subcontracts deal with the cleaning service.

In the residential market, your primary competition (besides other carpet and upholstery cleaning services) will be the do-it-yourselfer. This includes people who rent carpet cleaning machines from local supermarkets, people who buy their own cleaning machines,and people who use spray-on-and-vacuum carpet cleaning products available in the supermarkets and retail stores.

One carpet cleaning service owner in Florida says that many of those spray-on products are the best sources of business he has, and even leave carpet looking worse meaning that he gets the call to do the cleaning job right.


50 years ago, our homes and offices used to be covered with cemented or tiled floors.

Today you are most probably able to find most of the commercial offices’ floors laid with carpets. More of our private houses are furnishing their floors with carpet too, some even go to the extreme of including carpets in their bathrooms and kitchens. They called it wall-to-wall carpeting.

The on-site carpet cleaning industry was born due to the fact that removing wall-to-wall carpet to clean is super impractical.

Its also noteworthy to recognise that more home owners are towards the trend of alternative floor coverings. About 3/4 of their floors are covered with carpets and the remainder are such materials as laminates,ceramic tiles,stones and hardwood.

Even so, there’s still many room for carpet cleaning services to come in, especially those that are diversified and clean area rugs, upholstery and those alternative floor coverings.

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