Give Your Body a Daily Health Boost and Juice Your Way to Fitness

Why not treat your body to one of the best gifts you could possibly give it – a regular supply of health giving nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Scientists tell us that we should consume 8 or 9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day but most of us don’t even reach 20% of this amount! So, this is where you will learn how to get those portions without having to force yourself to munch your way through those raw vegetables – enter the “Breville Juicers” family.

By adding more raw veggies to our daily diet we can

a) increase our energy levels

b) support the body’s cleansing process and, most importantly

c) boost our immune system so it is better able to protect us against disease.

With all the publicity supporting the consumption of veggies there is no hiding place – you must have them. Studies have shown that the quickest way to get the essential elements that they provide, into our body, is by taking them in the form of juices. This where the “Breville Juicers” family comes in.

But apart from the speed of getting all that goodness to where it does all that good, what other benefits does juicing have?

• Juicing only takes a couple of minutes, much quicker than cooking and of course you retain much more of the nutrients

• Food is broken down more efficiently so that more nutrients are released and more easily absorbed

• Once the juice has been prepared you can drink it immediately so that you do not lose any of the valuable nutrients

• It is a much easier way to consume large volumes of greens which can be a problem for some people

• While greens are some of the healthiest foods they are often not the most palatable, so when juicing you can improve the taste by adding such things as apples.

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