The merchandise sales would be measured

Another consideration to make is to look at how many displays can comfortably and safely fit onto a skid if they are solid construction. Then how many skids will fit onto a truck. How much will freight per display work out to using this information?

Recalculate with a knockdown unit and figure your savings to help you determine the best style if you have a choice. Ie) 4 displays per skid x 48 skids per truck = 192 displays per load at $1580.00 per load. $1580.00/192 displays = $8.23 per display. It is a given that the freight of the knockdown unit versus a solid display will be less for the knockdown style. Depending on the display style and design – the solid will sometimes be a less expensive display and other times it will be a more expensive one.

There are more components to handle and to finish (i.e. paint) so that can add to the finishing costs. Packing the job can be an added operation that would not take place if it was a fully assembled solid display. Hardware, instructions, tools, and the assurance that all of the components of the display were packed properly and completely into the carton is a consideration of the knockdown display. As shipping gets to be more and more expensive then the knockdown versus the solid construction becomes an easier decision to make.

If we elect to design and manufacture a knockdown display then you will require the assurance of the capabilities of the on-site person to put the unit together at the store level. Some companies will have company representatives that can put there display together on-site. Other companies will have store personnel at the store putting the display together. Either way, the ease of assembly will be imperative. Time is money and if a representative spends a day assembling the display or only a half an hour – does it take one person or two? Do they need tools or is everything contained in the carton. If it is store personnel that are going to assemble the display they are not going to be very receptive to a time consuming assembly that is not the property of the store itself. If it is too difficult, chances are it will either not be used, or not be assembled properly. If it isn’t used, then all of your time, money, and hard work is for nothing. If it is assembled incorrectly then it is probable that it is unsafe.

So there are a few things to consider when deciding whether knockdown suits you better than solid. Whichever way you decide is best for your display – the qualifications of the designer and manufacturer will soon become an important consideration that must be made.

What is my budget for such a display? What can I afford?

Continuing from an earlier discussion we discussed how many dollars we are able to display. Using the scented soap scenario, we figured out that our capacity of the display rack is 288 bars of soap. The product is priced at $2.99 per bar so we determined that the display will hold $861.12 worth of product. With $0.99 profited from every bar sold then we further determined that upon sell through of the display, the total profit will be $285.12.

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