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Microsoft also lost the market of tablet after Apple release of iPad six months ago, though the release of windows 7 won a battle in operating system field. In gaming field, Microsoft succeeded in the innovation of Xbox. It created a competitive video game for hardcore gamers. But, even Xbox was replaced by Nintendo with the Wii.

And for the Smartphone market, Windows Phone 7 which shared currently sitting below 5% is barely known by consumers. And its potential market is also doubted by most consumers since iPone now is occupying the major market.

Future development of Microsoft

Microsoft now faces lots of problem and challenges. It is important for them to solve the problems, find the answers right now. And the most important thing we cared about is that will it become the next IBM.

According to AL Hilwa, analyst at IDC, Microsoft is at a transition point, and there is a risk of that happening. But Microsoft always cares much more about consumers than IBM ever did. They have a great faith that Microsoft can go though the tough time eventually.

If AL Hilwa’s word is true, I guess Microsoft should carefully think about its development in the future. From the above, we all know the challenge of Microsoft comes from almost all of its business area. Even the leading part, web browser, was threatened by the fast grow up of its archival. However, there are still some advantages for Microsoft. The operating system is its biggest consumer brand and Windows 7 has been selling rapidly. This new version has sold 240 million licenses in a year, making it the fastest-selling OS in Microsoft’s history.

In my opinion, I think Microsoft should make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages. Reviewing the development of IT world of this century, Smartphone is taking a major place in future market. With the Combination of the advanced operation system and latest IE 9 features, Windows Phone 7 will be the most competitive Smartphone in the world, and help Microsoft gain the leadership of IT world again

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